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camillo 2013-01-17 04:19 AM

Spinning Ball when switching app

I am creating some diagram using as starting point visio stencils.
What happens is that when I switch back to omnigraffe from any other application omnigraffe freeze for some second and I have the colourful spinning ball.

The app also freeze for some second randomly once in a while. Is not unusable but is annoying.

Any suggestions?
I can share with you the stencil if you want to try them.



Simon Knight 2013-01-19 04:10 AM

What version of Mac OS are you using ? I have had similar problems which I may have solved buts its still to early to be sure as I only implemented my solution yesterday.
My problems started when I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion and my whole system became unreliable with frequent beach ball and random freezes. I tracked the fault to an old snow leopard driver for my Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet. My system now feels like a new computer since I upgraded the driver to the latest/Last Lion version. While you may not use a Wacom you may have other legacy drivers that might be causing your system problems.

best wishes

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