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JasonAsbahr 2012-08-01 02:26 PM

Request for Feature: Preference option for Search / Filter field
Howdy folks,

This may be addressed in another thread, if so, I haven't found it yet.

I'm looking for a Preferences option that would change the behavior of the search/filter field to wait until the user hits return to begin searching.

I find myself frequently using the search / filter feature of OmniFocus. Like a lot of users, I'm often searching my entire set of projects in a global search.

The issue that arises is OF begins searching immediately in a Spotlight-like fashion. With my OF database, the search takes a long time (several seconds of spinning wait) and OF may actually execute multiple searches before I complete typing in my search term.

This results in multiple flow-interrupting delays in the user experience of search.

So, there's my feature request. It's a small bit of polish, but it would be awesome. : )



PS -- I've used the File->Move Old Data to Archive feature and removed attachments to reduce the OF DB size. The search delay is an issue with live projects and tasks.

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