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tag 2008-01-01 07:41 AM

Request for Omni
Probably a repeat but in case it is not,

Please look at creating a CRM or PIM with the ability to tie the other Omni products in. Apple Address book is not powerful enough for business. As an example, you can't even define an Address 2 field. Anything tied to the built in address book or calendar (like the new Filemaker Bento) has these limitations. We need something easy to use but a bit more powerful. Omni please consider this.

munkle 2008-01-21 09:16 AM

Yes, yes, yes!!

I would love to have this, think bastard love child between Daylite and Highrise with a bit of Omni magic thrown in. And it would be a perfect complement between OmniPlan and OmniFocus.

Please Omni, pretty please.

IscariotJ 2008-03-16 01:33 PM

Yes, Please!
This is one type of program where I've found that each of the current makers bring something unique to the table, but not one of them is any better than the rest. I'm currently using SOHO Organizer Suite, mainly for the Notes component, but also because it uses a full DB, and allows a client/server ( useful for the desktop/laptop scenario ). However, I've found it to be let down by the most silliest of bugs ( all alarms cease to work once one has been dismissed, for example ), and the UI isn't much to write home about. Contactizer Pro, however, looks utterly gorgeous, has some very neat features ( the email/iChat per contact is most useful ), but doesn't allow the use of external/subscribed calenders. Neither does it have a notes component. Notes, and subscribed calendars are two things that are a must for me. I've been tempted to test drive Daylite, but thought it looked a bit heavyweight.

What it needs, is someone to look at these others, and take the best bits ( hint, hint Omni )....

figman 2008-05-20 04:54 PM

OH YeS! could capture this market in minutes if you followed suit from the PC world of CRM's (I know blasphemy...but it's true). How many ACT! users have now switched to Mac and are saying "dang CRM goodness here).

Go Omni...Go Omni...Go

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