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fjordaan 2009-03-05 03:18 AM

Enormous image embedded invisibly in file somewhere
Made an interesting discovery when I opened a PDF (generated from OG) in OG. Far outside the page margins was an enormous image that I didn't know was in the document. It's definitely not visible anywhere in the .graffle file or the exported PDF. But it's probably adding at least 1MB to my file sizes.

Any idea how I can track it down in OG and delete it?


JKT 2009-03-05 05:52 AM

How about locating it in the [B]Canvas: Selection[/B] inspector:


fjordaan 2009-03-05 06:21 AM

That sounds like it should work, but I don't see it. When I open the PDF in OG, the image sits in the off-canvas area above the first canvas, so that's where I started looking. I flipped through all 60 canvases in the document, and still didn't see it in the Selection palette. It's not on any hidden layer either.

Joel 2009-03-05 06:50 AM

Well, if you save as a file package, you can right-click on the file, "Show package contents", and then delete the offending image in the Finder as well.

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