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specialmoves 2007-07-14 01:50 AM

Feature Requests
[B]Custom defined variables[/B]
The ability to create and use custom defined variables. If you had a pallet which allowed you to define <%myVar%> you could then insert this variable anywhere in your documentation and it’s value would be automatically updated.

It would be great if these variables could be the output of a script attached to a field too (see below).

[B]Field handlers[/B]
Currently you can run a script if a element is clicked on. I'd like to be able to run a script (Applescript, JavaScript whatever) 'on load' or 'on modify' of a text field.

That way you could link your documents to a database and separate content from presentation. So when the page/canvas/element loads any field that has a ‘on load’ handler could call a SQL statement and fills itself with the result.

Conversely if you edit a field, the ‘on modify’ handler could run a script and insert the text back into the database.

Perfect for creating multilingual documentation, or when you have to update a navigational item on 50 wire-frames. Or when you have multiple people working on set of documents and want to have a single store for content.

[B]Search and Replace across multiple documents[/B]
Boy that would save me some time too.



Leon Starr 2008-06-26 04:54 PM

Seconding the custom variable feature request
I create documents where I typically define a document number like: and also a revision number such as Version 0.2 and so forth. Then I would like to have these appear on each page footer or header.

As it is I have to just type them in directly and since the format on the title page is different from the other pages, it's a pain to ensure that the numbers match up.

Adding two or three custom variables would be nice. Offering any number of custom variables would be the ideal solution. Thanks.

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