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Kaz219 2008-09-26 05:02 AM

Connecting words

I'm looking for a way to connect words with lines together.

Basically, the text is in text boxes, and lines goes from one text box to another, but I want the lines to point to a specific word in each text box, not just connect to the text box.

I tried to add a magnet next to the word I want to connect to in omnigraffle, but everytime the text is modified, I have to move the magnet too, which is kind of cumbersome.

Does anybody knows how to do this? If omnigraffle isn't appropriate for this and if you know a software which would better fit, I'd like to hear too.


Joel 2008-09-26 08:05 AM

This isn't something that you can do currently in OmniGraffle, however we do have an existing feature request for sticking magnets onto a specific bit of text, and I've linked this thread in the entry we have for this feature.

Dunno offhand if there's another application that does this sort of thing.

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