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Melonamin 2010-08-26 01:24 PM

Task Groups
Hi all.
Is this possible to assign resource to a Parent(known as group in OmniPlan) task directly? When i try to assign resource to a group OmniPlan assigns it to each task in group, it's very strange behavior.
In MS Project I can assign different resources to parent and to children tasks, it is very useful, especially when you have parallel children tasks.
OmniPlan is just amazing, but I can't use it without this feature.

Any Idea?
Thank you and excuse me my written english, I'm not native

skwirl 2010-09-03 04:48 PM

This isn't possible right now. We have a feature request for this in our database so I've added a vote for you.

Curious, what do you expect to happen when a resource is assigned to a group task? We think assign a resource to a group task means you want to assign the resource to all tasks within the group.

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