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RobTrew 2012-11-01 07:30 AM

2 problems when copying and pasting OO3 outlines as text
Copy/Paste works well for pasting within 003, but there are a couple of problems with pasting indented text from 003:
[LIST=1][*]Wrapped lines are broken (LF inserted at the wrap), and[*]indents are translated to spaces rather than tabs.[/LIST]
Would it be possible (in OO4, for example) for the text content of the pasteboard not to break wrapped lines (inserting LF) when we copy OO3 outlines ?

This would then make it possible to solve problem [B]2.[/B] above using something like Keyboard Maestro assignments to modify the copied text before it is pasted, with bash lines like:
[CODE]pbpaste | unexpand -a -t 4 | pbcopy[/CODE]

(to translate the sequence of 4 spaces into tabs) or

[CODE]pbpaste | unexpand -a -t 4 | perl -pe 's/^(\s*)(\S)/$1- $2/' | pbcopy[/CODE]

(to also add hyphen bullets in the Markdown style).

A problem with space indentations is that some applications don't recognise these leading spaces as indents. Markdown editors, for example, will interpret all such lines as code.

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