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cashdollar 2014-04-07 06:35 AM

Feature Request for iPad Version - viewing all Perspectives
I know that folks are clamoring for the ability to create and edit Perspectives on iOS devices or at least on the iPad. However this is NOT that request. I just want to be able to view my Perspectives based on text based filtering. So if I'm "Waiting For" context item a from @Managers (text in action title). I can see that in my @Managers Perspective and not just those with the @Manager context selected, when using my iPad. Because I can't do that at this point, when I'm going to meetings I'm leaving my iPad in my bag and grabbing my laptop. I don't want to do that.

GeoffAirey 2014-04-14 07:40 AM

What you actually seem to be asking is to set up perspectives which are based on 'tags' even though they're text tags.

There are requests for Multiple tags and / or Meta data to be available to allow a more flexible way of working, so if I'm waiting for something, I can tag is as @waiting, and if I need either of two people to sign something off verbally, I can tag it with both people as contexts. I would email the ninjas and let them know your preference, there is already a feature request open for this.

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