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schniggeldorf 2012-12-16 12:40 PM

Simple question (I hope)
I'm new at OF, so please excuse what may be an overly simple question. When I create a group, whether single action, parallel, or sequential, I had expected that completing all the actions within the group would cause the group itself to be automatically marked as "completed." Instead the group continues to be marked as incomplete even though all it's children are done.

Am I setting this up improperly, or is this simply the way OF works?

SFF 2012-12-18 01:14 PM

Not sure where the option is on the iPad version, but this is a preference setting that you can change on the Mac version--I suspect the iPad has a similar setting. On the Mac, the checkbox is called "When completing the last item mark the project or group complete".

The reason that it is configurable is that it is most likely not possible to plan ALL actions at the time you create the project--in fact, I think a lot of GTD'ers only add the next action, or the next few. That means that just because you mark the last [I]task[/I] in the list complete, doesn't necessarily mean the [I]project[/I] is complete.

whpalmer4 2012-12-18 01:30 PM

Actually, the iOS apps do not have any user interface to set/clear/inspect this option, although they do heed it if you've set it with the Mac app. The Mac also has an option to set this property by default for any newly created group or project.

Use the Send Feedback or Contact Omni features on the settings page to submit a feature request for this. Apparently not enough people have done so, and no one has felt sufficiently guilty about leaving this out.

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