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sriggins 2006-07-31 12:27 PM

First Thoughts
Thank you! Very nice. I am new to project management and am working on a plan for a software project I am on.

I've really messed up my plan by playing with it I guess. I've baselined, added a bunch of tasks, turned them into groups, assigned to myself as a resource, levelled, etc. Here is where I stand:

1) I constantly turn tasks into groups by tabbing when I was trying to get to the duration field.

2) i changed my start date to last week (since I had started on some tasks) and then marked a 1w task as 100% complete, but the other tasks still showed as starting after the original ending of that task. I guess I have to manually change the end date independantly of changing the % done?

3) Now somehow some tasks are showing started and finishing in the past, but not complete, when they should come after other tasks (as ordered inthe task list) I can't seem to get them to level in order anymore.

4) I had connected my first two tasks to try that out, but now I can't disconnect them (to see if this affects #3)

5) in b2 I could click and hold down the assign toolbar button to choose a resource, now it does nothing. Single clicking removes the assigned resource.

6) I have two tasks that auto leveled to me doing them both at the same time. I can't figure out why.

I'll keep poking at it :)


Lizard 2006-07-31 05:39 PM

1) You can change the behavior of the tab key in OmniPlan > Preferences > General

2) Yes, you have to change the end date independent of changing percent done if your real world end date doesn't match your plan. A few other features do auto-adjust for current time though. "Catch up" and "Reschedule"

3) Not sure what exactly is going on. It'd be easier if you sent us your file or at least a screenshot to [email][/email]

4) select those two tasks and option-click "Connection"; or select one of the tasks, go to the Task: Dependencies inspector, and click the gray x next to the other task.

5) Not sure. send us your file?

6) OmniPlan will not level tasks that have violations (the red stop sign with a hand on it). Also, if you have 200% units on your resource, or you're only assigned to each task at 50%, OmniPlan thinks you [B]can[/B] do both those tasks at the same time.

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