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Gary Seven 2011-08-12 08:34 AM

Grid Lines for Display and Printing
We just installed OmniPlan across our department. We love it so far.

However, it is very hard to distinguish between task lines. We have used the option to color alternating lines, but is there a way to display [B]grid lines[/B], as in an Excel sheet? The only forum post I saw was from 2007.

Many thanks.

Brian 2011-08-12 02:32 PM

I'm not aware of a way to do that... which isn't the same thing as saying it's not possible. :-)

(OmniPlan's not one of our products I work on as frequently as I do others.)

If you email our [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL], they can either point you at how to do this, or file a feature request for you if it's not possible. Thanks!

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