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Revearti 2014-04-17 08:10 PM

.oo3 File Extension
I'm new to OO. As I learn software, little things grab my attention, so I'm wondering if previous OO versions used filenames such as .oo1 or .oo2? I noticed OO4 is using .oo3. Was .oo3 made for OO3? Are the filenames expected to change to .oo4 in the near future?

This is not a feature request by any means. I'm merely curious.

pvonk 2014-04-18 04:23 AM

OO4 uses the same file format as OO3, hence the file extension was not changed.

Revearti 2014-04-19 09:28 AM

Works for me. Thanks for chiming in. :)

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