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JMR 2008-11-01 08:23 PM

FORCE itunes to update OF to 1.1!
I got sick of waiting for the update, so I came up with a solution.

Go to the iTunes store, and click purchase/get app for Omnifocus again. iTunes will tell you you already own it, then download the upgrade! You're at 1.1!

ext555 2008-11-01 08:32 PM

YES IT'S TRUE .. just saw it posted on the twitter feed tonight ..
app store has it still listed at 1.03 so there's no update notification coming through .. but it's 1.1

sgecko 2008-11-02 12:37 AM

it's up and available now.

defilmj 2008-11-02 08:34 AM

[QUOTE=sgecko;49919]it's up and available now.[/QUOTE]

I did exactly as JMR stated. But when I search for Omnifocus on AP
store, and read the description, it still shows v 1.0.3, July 2008
even though as noted, if you download it you indeed get 1.1
as a free update if you already purchased 1.0.3...

I suspect depending on where you are you are hitting a different
distributed server, and they area not all synced.... Just a guess,
but sounds reasonable.

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