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byron1st 2013-11-27 12:12 AM

How can I deselect "Allow connections from lines" checkbox in version 6?
I cannot find the checkbox for "Allow connections from lines".

I used to deselect this checkbox because I usually put many objects inside a one big object. For example, I first draw the first box for a UML class and put the second box for another UML class inside the first box. Then, I want to draw UML interface (lollipop line) attached to the second UML class notation. But if "Allow connections from lines" is selected, this lollipop connection keeps connecting to the center of the first box. I tried to select the first box and clicked 'Delete Magnets", but the center of the first box is regarded the unbreakable magnet, so my lollipop connection keeps attaching to that magnet.

john.gersh 2013-12-02 09:46 AM

That checkbox is in the Connections panel of the Properties inspector.

The UI is certainly confusing. The items in the Properties inspector (Connections, Notes, Actions) are certainly properties of objects, so it's not clear why they're not in the Objects inspector. Their only common characteristic is that they're all Pro features, but that's not relevant to user tasks. Also, the icon for the Properties inspector is the one for Actions, so it's not obvious that the other two are there.

Perhaps the confusion comes from the labels. The items in the Objects inspector control the [I]appearance[/I] of objects, while those in the Properties inspector control their [I]behavior[/I] or [I]hidden information.[/I] They're all properties, though, in some sense.

john.gersh 2013-12-02 11:06 AM

I just noticed that the Connections inspector does not seem to have been a Pro feature in previous versions of OG. (It's not marked so in OG 5 Help.) Are you perhaps using the non-Pro version? If so, that's where the checkbox went: you've got to pay more for it. That seems like a rather unfriendly move on Omni's part.

Ken Case 2013-12-02 02:29 PM

[QUOTE=john.gersh;128589]That seems like a rather unfriendly move on Omni's part.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, we certainly weren't trying to be unfriendly! For version 6, we reviewed the features which were limited to the Pro edition and decided to swap this relatively advanced feature for some formerly-Pro features which we felt deserved a broader audience, like manual guides.

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