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Coach Kidd 2013-12-03 11:28 AM

Reading and setting colour using web #xxxxxx reference
Hi ...

I'd like to use an 'eye dropper like' tool to read the colour of an imported object, as well as set the colour, using the web colour referencing (i.e. #ff0011).

I know how to do this in PhotoShop and Illustrator, but can't seem to work it out in OmniGraffle Pro.

Any help would be gratefully received ... ;-)

john.gersh 2013-12-05 01:21 PM

The widget furthest to the right in the color picker shows web colors. (The color picker is what you get with Format>Show colors or by inspecting fill.) The widget's icon is a color slider with a spiderweb behind it. You might have to expand the color picker to see it; I think the default size may not show the web color widget. You can set colors there by entering the hex digits of the html color scheme. To read colors use the magnifying glass. Its icon is to the left of the color swatch at the top of any of the picker widgets. Click on it and then click on an object or image to read its color. (You can actually click anywhere on the screen at that point, not just within OG. It reads pixels' colors.)

Mlei 2014-01-07 09:06 AM

Brilliant - thank you!

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