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Toadling 2009-06-15 01:17 PM

Bay Area OmniFocus Gathering, 2009
In 2008, we organized a couple of OmniFocus gatherings in the Bay Area, a [URL=""]small group[/URL] at a coffee house in Los Gatos and second, much [URL=""]larger session[/URL] with the Omni Group at WWDC in San Francisco.

Is anybody in the Bay Area interested in having another OmniFocus gathering this year? Depending on interest, it could be anything from a small, informal group at a restaurant or coffee house to a much larger session in an auditorium. Maybe we could even arrange a virtual appearance from an Omni team member via iChat.

Ideally, conversation would center on OmniFocus (Mac and iPhone), but we could also discuss GTD and other productivity-related stuff.

Post [URL=""]here[/URL] if you think you might be interested!


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