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powerpaul 2013-09-22 03:23 PM

Change Defer or Due Date not working in OF2 iPhone
In Omnifocus 2 for iphone, When I try to change the Defer or Due Date of an existing task, the information inside the action shows one set of dates. When you view the task in a Project or in Forecast, the original due dates are shown.

How do I get the modified dates to be visible within Forecast or Project views?

Also, these errors synced over to my iPad Omnifocus 1 and now those items do not show up in the correct forecast locations.

I tried deleting the dates completely from both applications, but it still shows up as being due at the original date.

My data is getting really messed up now.

Thank you,


Lizard 2013-09-23 06:47 PM

Hmm... I wonder if you set a date on the project which is being inherited down to the actions?

powerpaul 2013-09-24 07:18 AM

Yep. That was the problem. User error on my part!

I don't use Project Dates, only task dates. Somehow a date got assigned to the project and task both when I entered in a task via Omnifocus for the Mac. (I usually just use my iOS apps for all of my OF needs.)

Thank you for the help!

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