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Tom 2006-05-11 09:48 PM

.mac HomePage
in sp10 in .mac HomePage the fields following

The Sites Address is:

are not drawn. They are drawn correctly in WebKit.

MinutiaeMan 2006-05-12 08:32 AM

Everything looks fine to me, both under standard browser ID and when OW is identified as Safari. (Sadly, .Mac blocks OW from accessing the iDisk interface, so I've got OW ID'ing itself as Safari there.)

Forrest 2006-05-12 09:07 AM

I just noticed that the photo popups on some pages yield two windows instead of one: [url][/url]

Tom 2006-05-17 09:18 AM

Surprising to me and strangely enough, my problem was my site preferences identified my OW as Windows IE 6. Setting it to OmniWeb fixed most of the issues except use of iDisk, as MinutiaeMan noted.

Thanks MinutiaeMan and Forrest for checking.


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