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Handycam 2006-05-09 05:52 AM

"back" broken?
For some reason, on my G5 Quad the "back" button is not working on most sites. Although it seems to be working on this site, on other sites I visit regularly it does not:,,, etc.

I click the "back" arrow or hit "backspace" and nothing happens.

Any ideas?

I was using SP9 at home on my G4 Powerbook last night all evening and had no such problem.

Handycam 2006-05-09 06:26 AM

I cleared my history, now it works. Perhaps the history file was corrupted.

JKT 2006-05-09 11:36 AM

Its a known issue - to workaround it, click the little black arrow on the back button and pick the site from the Back history.

Handycam 2006-05-11 03:20 AM

Actually, in many cases, the page I'm currently on is listed like a dozen times on the "back" menu you describe. That can't be good.

Rachael 2006-05-11 10:17 AM

Ack, quick reply ate mine! Righto, take 2.

Handycam, which sites are you seeing that behavior on, and which Sneaky Peek are you running? We recently (sp 9 or 10, maybe?) fixed an issue with redundant history items, so you may be seeing something that's fixed in a later SP...

Handycam 2006-05-11 10:30 AM

I just got it to happen on [url][/url]

I clicked on the first story "read more", back didn't work and my menu looks like the attached:


Handycam 2006-05-11 10:31 AM

sorry, this is with sp10. OSX 10.4.6. G5 Quad.

Forrest 2006-05-11 10:34 AM

No issues here on that site. sp10, 10.4.6.

Handycam 2006-05-11 12:49 PM

don't know what to say. happens here often. different sites, not all the time.

Forrest 2006-05-11 01:22 PM

If you find more examples, post them and I'll test them.

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