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chg2winter 2014-04-15 10:50 AM

Apply cascading dates?
I present at a few events and once I have booked on, I do 10 things to prepare. So I made a project as a template and use the 'duplicate' for each one. Great.

The question is, is there anyway I can auto populate dates? That is, if I know that the event is on July 1, then I always pack on June 15th. So what I'd like to do is populate the project end date and have each item within it be "-15 days" or such.

Does that make sense? And even better, can I ?

chg2winter 2014-04-15 10:56 AM

uh oh, found a similar question...from 2007. Ah, maybe in OF2? :) [url][/url]

kingsinger 2014-05-18 08:50 PM

Check out this applescript. I suspect it will get you towards what you want and then some.



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