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tbo 2012-08-29 12:32 AM

Bookmarks in PDF - feature request
As a technical writer, I use OG a lot when it comes to drafting a rough outline for a new manual. I then export it as PDF and send it to my customers for review and additions before starting the actual writing. By this they get a first impression of the contents and the inherent logic of the documentation. Using OG for this not only visualizes the headings, but also helps me to set the status of each section by coloring the text box. My customers are always impressed, thanks to OG.
BUT: Unfortunately, it is impossible to generate PDF-bookmarks when exporting, not even for the various canvases. For technical documents, the list can become quite long and bookmarks would greatly improve navigation. Could you include this on the wish list for a future version please (if technically possible)? Thanks!

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