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kestorr 2007-10-29 04:20 AM

iCal syncing in Leopard backdates due dates

I recently upgraded to Leopard using the latest build of OmniFocus. Syncing of calendars between ical and OmniFocus was ok. But released that all tasks with due dates were backdated in iCal by one day.

i.e. A task with due date 29th Oct in OmniFocus would show up as 28th Oct in iCal.

Anyone facing this problem? If yes, are there any fixes for this, or am I the only one with this weird problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


pvonk 2007-10-29 08:06 AM

This sounds like a variation of the trick used by people who a chronically late - setting their watches forward by 1 hour!

Since you will have a better chance of meeting deadlines with this, I'd call it a "feature", not a bug! ;-)

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