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realtyler 2006-07-31 08:27 AM

Feature request: allow modifying of Resources web template
Currently, the task template for Web export of OmniPlan has a very readable and easy way to add and remove columns to display. The resources version has the following:

{@ColumnHeaders@} {@Data@} {@%Done@}

What is @ColumnHeaders@? What I want to show in the resources export is not just who's working on what, but it's progress (% complete). Is there any way to modify the template to get this? Thanks much.

Tom Bunch 2006-07-31 10:53 AM

[I]@ColumnHeaders@[/I] is the first row of the tables - the, well, the column headers. At present, configurability is woefully limited. The columns exported are at present hard coded. About all you can do is muck with the style of export (apart from omitting parts of the report, I suppose).

We're planning to completely rewrite resource export to be more like task export. I'll push along side of you to get it approved for version 1.


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