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kparkes 2013-01-09 07:23 AM

Automatically create a Table of Contents
I've shared some work I did recently in enhancing the Create Table of Contents AppleScripts to include various styles - such as hierarchy style, section titles only and different visual style options.

The files are available to download as well as explanation on how to use & some samples from this blogpost:


Hope they are useful to others. If you use and add an further updates maybe post back here if you get the chance.

kparkes 2013-10-14 02:27 AM

I've run through these Table of Contents AppleScripts in Omnigraffle 6. I had to make a couple of small tweaks (positioning of Shape when autosizing is set to full) but other than that all worked well. I've updated my original blogpost with the latest scripts. The same scripts will now work in both Omnigraffle 5 and Omnigraffle 6.


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