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Guert999 2012-03-12 11:49 AM

Import/Export Visio
I've downloaded the 14 days trial of the OmniGraffle Pro version.

I am able to import .VSD documents (visio) into OmniGraffle without any problems. BUT when I create a OmniGraffle document, I am unable to open it in Visio...

Would like to know how I can manage to open your files via Vision (which is crutial for my company).

Thanks in advance!

john.gersh 2012-03-13 05:53 AM

You can export an open OG document to Visio XML format. Choose Export... in the File menu. There's a Format pull-down menu in the panel at the bottom of the resulting dialog. "Visio® XML document" is the last item.

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