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Joel 2014-04-02 09:58 AM

OmniGraffle 6.0.5 is now available
OmniGraffle 6.0.5 fixes a number of bugs as well as adding support for stencil searching from our online library. This is a free update to licensed customers of OmniGraffle 6.

As a reminder, OmniGraffle 6 is now a single application that unlocks Professional features when you enter in the proper license key -- There's no separate download link to the Professional version any longer.

OmniGraffle 6.0.5 has also been approved in the Mac App Store, those customers who have purchased in this way can now find the newest version in the Updates tab in the Mac App Store application

[B]Bug Fixes[/B]
[LIST][*]Stencil search results should now include results from our online Library, which has been seeded with stencils from the old OmniGraffle Extras page. User-submitted stencils are coming soon; if you've created any stencils that you would like to contribute, please contact us at [email][/email]![*]By popular request, the scale in Page Setup once again applies to canvases as well as to print (just as it did in releases prior to version 6.0.4).[*]The "Show in Finder" button should now work appropriately for downloaded stencils as a result of a search.[*]Fixed a crash importing certain Visio XML documents.[*]Text lists should now propagate while creating them.[*]Fixed an autosave-related crash.[*]Fixed a crash when right-clicking a locked layer.[*]Fixed an issue downloading invalid file types from our online Library.[/LIST]
You can quickly update to OmniGraffle 6.0.5 by checking for updates from the OmniGraffle Menu, or downloading directly from our [URL=""]website[/URL].

[I]A note to our international customers: We’re working on foreign language localizations, however they are not ready as of yet, and will be added in a future update.[/I]

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