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Sharpj04 2007-08-09 10:44 PM

Printing Set Up - Date Header
Hi, I have just purchased OmniPlan and have a quick question about the printing layout of my project.

Given the number of tasks I have run over a few pages, is there a way to display the Date Header at the top of each page? I have gone through all the preferences and view options but can't seem to find anything that can help me.

skwirl 2007-08-22 10:44 AM

Hi Sharpj04,

There isn't a way to display the date header at the top of each page in OmniPlan currently. We have a feature request open for this in our database so I'll add a vote to it for you.

jacobjmorris 2009-11-25 09:28 AM

Please add a vote for me on this one. I've built a beautiful 54-page project plan in OP that's been so easy to manage. Then I get ready to print, only to realize the Date Header won't print on multiple pages. Not only is this a must-have, it really needs to be prioritized as an immediate break-fix for this product; corp executives want readible documents, and I can't adopt the software unless the output is easy-to-read. So, OP has not lived up to my expectations, and now I'm back on MS Project. :(

ethornett 2013-05-16 12:34 AM

Yes! Massive vote from me on this one too. When I have a huge project that goes for a long time, with lots of tasks, and I print it for a bunch of people, it's basically impossible for them to see the relevant dates for anything other than the top few tasks.

Either I print it as a one-page PDF that they have to zoom to about 800% or more to read it, in which case they can't fit the entire thing on their screen and therefore can't see the dates in the outline;

or I print it as a multiple-page PDF that only has dates on the first page.

Very, very frustrating for a previous FastTrack user. Repeating the outline on each page just seems a basic thing for gantt charts.

joshfree 2013-06-05 02:54 PM

I completely agree with the posters on this thread. I love OmniPlan but the convoluted gyrations I go through to make it readable on 8.5x11 paper are absurd. (I export it to a PDF, then reassemble it in InDesign, praying I never have to update it during the course of a project -- which, of course, is the opposite of what makes it useful!)

ethornett 2013-06-05 09:56 PM

It's been 6 years... just wondering if any Omni Group staff can update us about this feature request. Please???

Tom Bunch 2013-06-12 03:50 PM

This feature has been implemented in version 2.3 which is available for public testing now.


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