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brendan 2009-10-07 06:06 AM

Exporting to Microsoft Project
I am exporting a files to Microsoft Project using the XML exporter.

When the recipient tries to open the file using create new project the following error message appears:

The element <Name> in the <Task> element with <UID>=7 has invalid data.

When the recipient tries to open the file and append or merge it with an existing empty project the file imports but all the tasks are strange - with summary tasks not reflecting the length of the sub-tasks within them.

We have looked at the XML and it seems well formed.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks Brendan

whpalmer4 2009-10-07 06:26 AM

I don't have an idea on the solution, but which version of MP are you using?

brendan 2009-11-06 04:31 AM

Resolved by Omniplan Support
It was a corrupt task line (not sure how that happened) and deleting the task and re-rentering it fixed it.

Alessandro Mura 2011-01-24 08:31 AM

I had the same issue and it turns out a simple carriage return on the Task Name. Actually MS Project does not allow any Return or Enter as part of task name.

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