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Jay Levitt 2009-01-20 01:48 PM

Org chart: editing in outline sidebar?
I'm fairly new to OG; I have 5.1.1 Pro. I want to create an org chart, using the org chart (plain) stencils.

If I drag one of the "Title/Name" stencils onto the canvas, I can replace the sample text with real names and titles, keeping the styles - but then I have to move it to its appropriate place in the outline.

If I add a new topic directly in the outline, I can create it in the right place in the outline - but then I have to manually style the text.

Is there a way to add an entry in outline mode, and apply the style of a stencil (or whatever it is that I'm trying to do)?

Joel 2009-01-20 01:54 PM

Yes, just type out the outline in the editor to begin with, and in this case afterwards apply the appropriate org chart diagram style from the Format Menu afterwards.

You can even select the desired template and have that diagram style already applied, so when you type in the outline editor, you automatically get the style you want to begine with.

Hope that helps,

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