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phreeksta 2009-06-20 03:37 AM

Flagged tasks count in dock or menu?
Hi guys,

I am a potential Things-to-OmniFocus-Changer. I am using Things now for quite a while but thinking to change to OmniFocus since I really liked what I saw in the Screencasts.

My question ...
Is it possible to show a task-count e.g. of flagged tasks (like due tasks are shown)? I like to see a count of tasks that are still open for 'Today'. Till now I always used to flag all tasks (in Things throw in Today-Folder) that I want to finish that day. Usually there are some tasks that have a due date in maybe 2 months, but I want to work on them some weeks before (when I have got the time).

Brian 2009-06-24 02:17 PM

Currently, I think the dock and menu bar counters will only show the number of Due Soon and Overdue items in the database. Looks like this is the first time we've gotten a request for the dock/menu bar badge to count Flagged items.

Folks that want to see this will want to send email to the support ninjas so they can add your emails to the development database; the number of customers interested in seeing a change is one of the metrics we use when planning our work on OmniFocus. Thanks!

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