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rajrsingh 2007-01-23 10:52 PM

What could you do with a Modbook?
I'm a big fan of the tablet form factor for creative work. I had an XP tablet PC for awhile, but the big problem was that there were very few useful applications that took advantage of it (namely Visio).

So...I'm wondering how OmniGraffle would work with the Modbook <>. Does it take advantage of 'Ink'?


Wim Lewis 2007-01-24 06:36 PM

OmniGraffle doesn't have any special support for Ink or for tablet-type input devices... it's definitely something we've considered, though.

rajrsingh 2007-01-25 08:13 AM

A feature where I could freehand sketch a rectangle and have it auto-convert to a real rectangle would be a killer app.

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