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Arrow 2013-09-19 04:59 AM

OmniOutliner 2 may become a workhorse.
I've had OO and OO for the iPad for years but have not used it much. I spend more than 95% of my time on the iPad. There were a few huge deficiencies that kept me from using it regularly. The most important was the export capability.

With OmniPresence that was partially fixed in that it was easy to get the document to my MBP and export it into Word docs, etc. But it was still less than optimal as I'm am rarely on my MBP. The new export functions in OO iPad 2 fix that. I can use OO whenever and wherever I want and know that I can share that document in stadard formats with people who don't use OO, as well as move it into Pages and continue writing in a word processor on my iPad.

That was my number one roadblock to greater use of OO. Another big change is the new document management. If I am going to use OO extensively I am going to end up with a lot of documents. Managing those and finding the things I need was a problem with the old system. This is a definite improvement.

There are two smaller enhancements that I really like. The keyboard shortcuts are one. The ability to use shift-tab to outdent is great. It has been a minor hassle to be able to use the tab key normally but then have to use the software arrow to outdent. This is much more natural. The other is the templates. I have a couple of templates that I created and use to start outlines but this is a big improvement in capability.

This looks like a very big upgrade to me. Worth the cost.

owf 2013-09-21 06:02 AM

[QUOTE=Arrow;127262]Another big change is the new document management. [/QUOTE]

Could I ask you go into a bit more detail there? I'm a big user of OO on the desktop, but OO for iPad 1 is basically useless to me because of its half-baked document handling (I [I]do[/I] have hundreds of outlines, and I have multiple folders, each containing between several dozen and several hundred outlines.)

I'm understandably wary of wasting another $30 to find that v. 2 is equally hopeless.

I gather from the demo video that v. 2 finally supports folders, but does it also support reverse sorting (i.e. Z-A, not A-Z) and displaying a list of files instead of a grid of previews?

The lack of those three things makes OO painful to the point of useless for dealing with a lot of files.

CDJM 2013-10-08 01:26 PM

OO 2 has really solved my issues with this application, and has went from a promising-but-not-quite-there app to my primary workhorse when writing / brainstorming on an iPad.

1. Spelling system now works - even with BT keyboard
2. BT keyboard shortcuts now include most everything needed for high productivity (I have not found a way to interact on spelling yet from the keyboard, and a few other things - but otherwise its there...)
3. Overall superior way to interface with structured text on an iPad
4. Can at least export in text - so I have a fully searchable / cross-platform way to store the output of an outline process

If this worked fluidly with markdown/mmd (import / export) then would replace nearly all text entry on an iPad. Even without, this is a mature app for high productivity structured writing. I can finally leave my mac behind at times and have same high productivity with a K811 and iPad via OO2...

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