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macsterdam 2008-04-23 03:45 AM

Serious question re OW & Shiira
It seems that the development of Shiira has ground to a halt. The developer, however, has come up with some really nice and innovative UI-ideas. I would be a shame if those innovations got lost somehow.

My question to OmniGroup is therefor: would you consider/see yourself adopting (some of) Shiira's UI-ideas. personally I think a mix of OmniWeb's features and (some of) Shiira's UI-ideas would make for an even more stunning browsing experience.

Look forward to hearing from you on this

(I'm not a programmer, so perhaps what I want may be too difficult and/or time consuming. In that case, so be it)

marc 2008-04-28 09:09 AM

Care to point out any specific features?

FWIW I'd nominate the Full-Screen view (again!), though I'm not sure the HUDs really offer anything of value.

lgsobalvarro 2008-05-01 07:52 AM

My nominations
Ok... i have two nominations here.

My fist nomination is for the Shiira-style tab sidebar. (Formal request [URL=""]here[/URL])

Second nomination is for the donwloads, history and bookmarcs UI style.


JKT 2008-05-02 04:58 AM

You can't minimise those windows. No good.

Personally, I would prefer for things like the downloads, activity and history to appear in a sidebar /drawer or as a new tab, due to how craply Spaces is working in 10.5.x. I'm getting really tired of having to move the focus back to the main window any time I switch from and back to my 'OmniWeb' space.

macsterdam 2008-05-20 02:03 AM

Sorry for the late reply.

Things I like about shiira are the overall look & feel of the gui, visual loading of thumbnails, exposť for open tabs, the bookmarks manager, the shelf.

I just feel if OW had Shiira's gui it would make for an even more pleasant browsing experience.

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