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laferrera 2012-06-01 11:05 AM

Making graphs editable in PowerPoint or Keynote
I would love to use OmniGraffle (OG Pro 5.3.6) to create graphs and export them to PowerPoint (PPT 2011) or Keynote (Keynote '09), where they can be edited.

I'm able to get an entire OG canvas moved to a PPT slide, but the elements cannot be ungrouped or otherwise edited there. Copy (standard, as PDF, and as vector PICT)-and-paste (standard, and Paste Special...) does not work. Nor does export (as PDF, SVG, EPS)-and-place. Even laundering the graph through Illustrator to create an EMF does not work. Also, attempts to use Keynote instead of PowerPoint have not yielded any better results.

This is 2012. I've got to believe there's a way to do this. Other than copying elements from OG one at a time and placing them on a PPT slide by hand, are there any suggestions for a workaround? Some have suggested that old Windows versions of PPT could do this, but I'm unable to confirm (nor would it help me).

-- Joe

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