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benmadin 2011-07-08 08:29 PM

Help with LaTeX exporter (XSL)
G'day all,

I've discovered (not pleasant) that the export to LaTeX will stop in every cell after a newline... Hence every paragraph where I have split the sentences up by using option-return is only returning the first sentence.

I could of course go through my entire thesis and delete all the extraneous carriage returns, but in LaTeX it is useful to have them on their own line as they can easily be commented in or out. I guess the other option is to just replace all the '</lit></run></p><p><run><lit>' with ' '... a bit messy.

[B]Does anyone know enough about XML/XSL to advise me on how to edit the latex export ones to stop this behaviour?[/B]

I imagined it might be regex issue, but I can see no indication of this - maybe because in the xml file the 'soft-return' is stored as </lit></run></p><p><run><lit>.

Any suggestions gratefully received



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