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TimothyMDean 2012-05-23 12:14 PM

Image transparency when exporting to Visio

I have an OmniGraffle Pro diagram that I'm trying to export into Visio so I can more easily hand it off to my Windows-based coworkers. The export generally works pretty well, but I'm having a problem with a couple if icon images I've placed in my diagram. The icon images were originally PNG images, and they've been added to my diagram by using OG's "Place Image" feature.

The icons have been placed on top of a gradient background with the "Fill" setting unchecked. In OG, the image background is transparent so I can see the gradient behind the image. When I export to Visio, however, those icons show a white background that obscures the gradient background and makes it look horrible.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Any ideas how to avoid the problem? Are there other image formats other than PNG I should use that might make this work better for me?

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