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gg42 2007-11-17 10:16 PM

Mail rules
Only now do I realize that the mail rule is mainly intended for capturing your own mails, say new actions that you send to yourself while you're on the road. I was puzzled that the mail preference only allows you to specify one subject phrase to trigger a capture, and that by default capture is confined to messages coming from your own email addresses. In that narrow context, that makes sense.

I would like to send messages from all kinds of other sources straight into my OmniFocus inbox. For example reminder emails from the university libraries, on-line bills etc. For each of them, I have to specify the sender address. Worse, in some cases, the mail might come from a slightly different email address each time. In any case, there is no way to specify individual subject lines for capture.

It is possible to disable the checking of the sender address in MailAction.applescript, but at least during the sneak preview period, this is inconvenient due to the frequent updates. So for now, I just add all these email addresses from which I expect actionable mail.

Concerning the subject trigger: OmniFocus just creates a mail rule in Mail, and once created it can be modified from within Mail, in particular many more rules can be added. So various subject lines can be specified to trigger OmniFocus, the mails can be marked in a certain color, and can be transferred to an arbitrary mail folder (the OF mail rule only lists the folders on the actual mail servers).

What I would like to see:
(i) option to allow mail from all sender addresses to trigger OF
(ii) -- should not be interpreted as the beginning of a new action, too many emails contain lines of dashes and equal signs e.g. in signatures at the end of the mail
(iii) more extensive mail rules in OF, or a hint that this can be done in Mail afterwards (could the OF mail preference panel automatically pop up Mail's mail rules preference panel?).
(iv) Very important: ability to send a selected mail straight into OF, not just the text clipping from the actual mail (and of course, with linkback).


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