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nitrobin 2008-02-15 10:10 AM

Allocating Resource to Task by Hours
We have multiple projects going on at the same time and need to show how our resources (designers, programmers) are being allocated by the hours a task is assigned, not by the duration of days.

What I mean is the Design Phase is scheduled for 1 week (5 days), but is allocated only 10 hours; there is only 1 designer working on this Design Phase. So, when we look at the resources, it shows the designer working at 100% for the 5 days. If the designer is assigned 2 Designs (different projects) in the same 5 days, the report shows the designer now working at 200%. We need to show that of those 5 days (40 hours), the designer is working only a certain percentage of those days, since the entire task is only given 10 hours of those 5 days.

So, how do we assign a task (Phase) a specific number of hours over a period of time?

Right now, all of our staff is working at over 100-200% because of the work week being 40 hours (which we do work on a 40 hr week), the task is assigned a duration of days, and the personnel resource is assigned to multiple tasks.

We would like to show a more accurate report of resource allocation based on the hours the task is given regardless of the duration of days/weeks the task is assigned.

I hope this makes sense! Can you please help or let me know if this is possible? Thanks--Robin.

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