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CaseyH 2008-12-13 11:11 AM

Time Machine & OmniFocus
Do I need to have Omnifocus do backups if I'm keeping up on my Time Machine backups and I'm syncing via Mobile Me? Seems rather redundant.

CatOne 2008-12-13 03:33 PM

I would; the OF backups are very small.

pvonk 2008-12-14 02:44 PM

And you can use something like Hazel to set up a rule that deletes older versions of OF data that are n days old from your OF backup folder. This can help keep versions down to a minimum if you do automatic OF backups. Of course keep TM going in the background as well.

Toadling 2008-12-14 09:33 PM

Yeah, I agree with CatOne and pvonk. Maybe you'll never need those extra backups (hopefully you won't!), but it costs very little disk space to keep them around just in case. So why not let OmniFocus do its thing anyway? Even at two backups a day and a very large database, it'll take you weeks or even months to hit 1 GB of backups.

Like pvonk suggested, I use Hazel to delete backups older than two weeks, so my backup folder stays quite small.


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