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danielvnielsen 2010-01-07 01:27 AM

Project list and 20k list
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First of, english is not my primary language but I hope my post makes sense.*

I'm currently in the process of clearing my OF library and thought I might try to make it as effective A's possible.*

My plan was to make the 20.000ft. list part of the library by making folders representing areas of responsibilities e.g. Health, Financial, Home etc. *

Has anyone in here made any experience with a system Line that, any pros and cons?

Thank you in advance for your input


sriggs 2010-01-07 09:13 AM

I keep wanting to do something like this and I start to implement it and end up always going back to my 'no folder' system.

The con for me is that it takes time to organize projects. I work almost exclusively from my context lists so having a messy projects folder is ok for me. I just use the search if I have a problem finding the project I'm looking for.

I guess the reason I want to implement folders is so I have some idea that I am satisfying larger goals with all my little projects. For me, the work to organize my projects this way is not worth the payoff. I keep goals in another program and make sure I validate those every now and then in my review.

ianbetteridge 2010-01-08 06:29 AM

Hi Daniel,

That's exactly the system that I use. At the top level of projects, I have two folders: "Work" and "Life". Inside each of these, I have folders for each of my 20,000ft areas of responsiblity. For example, "Work" contains folders for a publication I'm responsible for, staff development, and so on.

Organising projects likes this lets you do two things which are pretty cool.

First, as part of your weekly review, you can quickly look through all your areas of responsibility to check that you're spending enough time in each. For example, if a couple of weeks go by with no projects in "Staff Development", it tells me that I'm not really doing much in this area and need to spend some time focusing on what I need to do there. It might be that I've actually delegated that part of my role to someone else, in which case I need to make that a formal part of their role.

Second, it lets you set up some terrificly powerful Perspectives. For example, I've set up a Perspective which shows me all the Next Actions just for one of my areas of focus - something that would be hard to do if you don't use folders and just leave all your projects "loose" in the project list.

Hope that helps!

curt.clifton 2010-01-08 02:01 PM

This thread is redundant with [URL=""]this one[/URL], so you might look there for more information.

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