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Leila 2010-01-16 09:07 PM

My sync stopped working
I've used Omnifocus for several months and love it. Since December, I have not used Omni on my iphone. I tried to sync it in a couple of ways and I always get the message:

Unable to synchronize database with server.
can't find host

I've tried reading some of the threads on this forum but I haven't been able to fix my problem yet.

Earlier tonight on my phone, in my settings, I saw that I had
43 projects, 310 actions, and 2866 zip files.

1) Why do I have so many zip files?

One thing that seems like it would be a problem is that the size of the omnifocus.ofocus file on my Mac laptop is 12.1 MB. From what I've read - that is huge - especially since I only have 310 actions.

2) Is there something I should do about that?

3) I'm using Bonjour to sync. Before last month I had no problem syncing... but I can't say what might have changed to make it not work now.

My Omni version is 1.6.
My iphone version is hmmm - how do I find that?

I do get as far as the phone asking me for the password.

Leila 2010-01-16 11:17 PM

Here's a quick update. I reset the database on my iphone. I also powered down the phone and my laptop. I might have tried one more thing that - I apologize - I can't remember right now.

But - now my file size on my laptop says 52KB.
My phone says 44 projects 346 actions and 2866 zip files. I haven't yet figured out why there is one more project, 36 more actions that there were earlier tonight. I haven't changed anything on there.

But I'm quite happy that at least on the surface, it appears synced!


Arild 2010-01-18 11:49 PM

Trouble with Bonjour
I also had trouble with Bonjour sync, it appeared that OF tried to sync to other units on the network.
If you get more trouble, I'd try to send an email to support. Today I sync with MobileMe in stead.

Best regards,


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