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matt_c 2008-07-10 12:47 PM

Syncing problems with WebDav
I have tried multiple times to sync the latest OmniFocus-1.1-r102663-Alpha to two different servers. In all instances, and on both servers, OmniFocus created on the server an empty folder titled "OmniFocus.ofocus-copy-in-progress-fRLAdkBIqgo" (though the random letters/numbers at the end change each time). Bo copy of the actual database gets transfered, and each time I hit the sync button a new, empty folder is created. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

matt_c 2008-07-10 02:26 PM

I seem to have "fixed" this problem by manually copying my database to the WebDav server. From what I understand from the (rather sparse) documentation, this step shouldn't be necessary. Also, there is no dialog asking me whether I want to replace my local database with the remote database, or sync the two, or what... That doesn't seem right. Am I missing something, or am I just experiencing the joys of alpha software?

curt.clifton 2008-07-10 03:08 PM

Once the database is copied the first time, OF synchronizes the transactions. Roughly, if you were to order all the changes you made to either database on a timeline, OF makes both databases appear as if you'd done all the changes in order on one machine. If the result causes a conflict, then you will be prompted to resolve it. But otherwise OF combines the changes for you.

matt_c 2008-07-10 03:32 PM

Sure. That is what I figured. But the behavior is not consistent with the documentation:

"Click the Sync Now button to start your first sync. Since there's nothing on the server yet, this first sync will consist of copying your whole database to it."

matt_c 2008-07-10 03:33 PM


"Once you've fully synchronized your database to the server for the first time, you're ready to tell your other Macs and portable devices about it.
Setting up another Mac Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 again on another Mac, using the same settings. When you synchronize that Mac, it will find the existing database on the server and ask whether you want to use it. Choose Use Server Database to download it and replace your (probably empty) local database."

curt.clifton 2008-07-10 05:35 PM

Interesting. With iDisk sync, mine behaved just as the documentation suggests. Be sure to use Help --> Send Feedback to file a bug report.

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