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pwg 2006-07-06 05:18 PM

SP17 doesn't load links
For example: [url][/url]

View-source shows an empty body tag... nothing else.

I'm pretty sure this was working in SP16.

troyb 2006-07-07 01:01 PM

Are you still seeing this? The page seems to load up fine for me.

pwg 2006-07-07 06:14 PM

Hmm... that's odd. I am still getting this problem (on a number of other pages, too) in SP17. Even after ditching the Prefs and flushing the cache.

Used to get the same/similar problem with earlier versions of the SPs but it was cleared up some time ago. Now suddenly back on SP17.

Ditching the history means I've lost records of pages that haven't been working... I'll try to provide a short list of others.

Handycam 2006-07-07 06:53 PM

Page and source view work fine here.

pwg 2006-07-08 11:00 PM


Now isn't working. It produces a grey screen--although other links at are working.

I really didn't have this problem last week with SP16 and (other than dumping the prefs) have changed nothing affecting OW or (as far as I know) the system.

Will keep digging.

pwg 2006-07-08 11:12 PM

OK... this may be a clue. Not sure.

For pages that won't load (where I get a grey screen and a 'view source' that shows only an empty body tag) but NOT for other pages, the error log shows a 'filter' message:

Jul 09 17:07:01 filtering [url][/url] for document [url][/url]
Jul 09 17:07:22 filtering [url][/url] for document [url][/url]
Jul 09 17:08:24 filtering [url][/url] for document [url][/url]

I'm not sure what this means. What 'filter'? I have NO website preferences set and the overall preference settings I have are 'factory standard'.

I checked the plug-ins loaded. Nothing unusual. Cleared all input-managers (other than OW's crash reporting).

Still digging.

troyb 2006-07-12 08:56 AM

Everything you describe here really sounds like you have some kind of ad blocking enabled in OmniWeb. Are you sure that all the image and inline content preferences are disabled, in both global and site preferences?

pwg 2006-07-12 08:16 PM

You beat me to it, Troy.

What I had said (above) was that I had '[I]factory standard[/I]' settings on global Ad-Block preferences and on site preferences. So I did.

For site preferences these included blocking in-line content 'From blocked URLs'. I have not added ANY URLs to those in the standard-issue list (this was a 'clean' re-install of 5.5SP17).

But the '' problem was solved by unchecking the 'From blocked URL's checkbox in the site preferences for Now all of the news links that were previously not working are working.

Haven't checked the other sites, but I assume the same applies.

I can't see anything in the standard settings that is responsible for this behavior. But I guess it is there [I]somewhere[/I].

Of course, this means that my report qualifies for the classic response: "That isn't a bug ... it's a feature." :rolleyes:

Handycam 2006-07-13 05:27 AM

I don't know, I have ad blocking turned on, plus dozens of blocking rules added by me and your link ([url][/url]) works fine and view source is normal.

If you view page info, there's an entry for "other" called showads.js. It's listed as being "text/html". If you look closer (by dragging this to the desktop) you'll see its URL is [i][/i]

I have this url blocked with a rule [i].*googlesyndication\.com/.*[/i]

So, possibly, blocked scripts (or pages designed to be loaded/written with a blocked script) will yield only an empty body tag in view source.

This seems fine to me -- after all, I'm the one who blocked it -- but perhaps there cold be a better indication that this is what's going on, so the user doesn't think there's an error.

Maybe the page info list could display ad-blocked items in italic, or another color, similar to how AdBlockPlus for FF does. When you view the list of "blockable items" with AdBlockPlus, blocked items on the page are flagged as such. Even nicer, clicking on the blocked item shows the rule that blocked it. This is helpful to edit overzealous rules.

pwg 2006-07-14 02:37 PM

Hi Handycam,

Thanks for continuing to look at this.

Yes, I agree about the usefulness of identification in the "Page Info" tab of the page element that blocked the display.

But I don't have an entry in my 'blocking' REGEXs that blocks 'googlesyndication' ... If any REGEX is blocking the page doing it must be one of those that come standard 'out of the box' referring to 'ads'

Even so, could the the 'showads' script at the blocked URL be responsible for loading the WHOLE page (the 'Farmers' journal' in this case)? Or is it more likely that it's loading only a Google ad on one place in the page? If so, why would OW block the whole page rather than the page element from the offending URL?

And why would that affect e.g. the pages where I was (am) continuing to have the problem that is resolved by unchecking the same 'blocked URL' check-box on a page-by-page basis?

If you look at one of those addresses what you find is that they, too, call an external URL via a javascript. But the external URL seems innocuous and makes no reference to an 'ad'.

I'm beginning to think the problem may relate to the '.js' link rather than to advertisements as such.

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