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blueice 2010-09-19 07:10 PM

Project Focus not Persisting in Context View
I'm new to OmniFocus... forgive me if I'm missing something obvious here, but I can't figure this out.

The documentation says that when you use the Focus button to focus on a particular project, "As you work in planning mode, or switch to context mode, OmniFocus ignores everything outside of your focus, as if the items you’re focusing on are the only items in your library." But I'm finding that when I go to context mode, the focus is released and I see all projects. This is happening consistently. In other words, if I focus on one project I see just that project under Library, and if I then hit the "Due" button on the "Flagged" button I see only items in that project, and the focus button says "Show All". But as soon as I select "Contexts" I see all projects and the focus button says "Focus" again and is grayed out and inactive.

Thanks in advance for any help.

whpalmer4 2010-09-19 08:21 PM

The Contexts button actually opens a perspective named Contexts. Try instead using the Switch button (not on the default toolbar, but easily added) which simply changes the view from Project mode to Context mode (or vice versa). If you have focused on a project (or a collection of them) when you switch to Context mode, you will only see the actions from the project(s) you focused on, not all of the actions in your database.

You can also switch views with cmd-1 and cmd-2 if you prefer the keyboard.

blueice 2010-09-20 04:08 AM

Thanks... that was very helpful. I appreciate the quick response.

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