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texeter 2009-02-02 12:35 AM

OmniWeb Freezes on Startup
OmniWeb Freezes on Startup - After Force Quitting it still doesn't start. Each tab of my workspace shows but none of the pages load. All I get is the spinning wheel. I tried re-installing but it still wouldn't start.

The only way to get it going again was to delete all the information under OmniWeb in the Application Support folder in my Library. Trying to find this folder wasn't easy as Spotlight doesn't seem to show it.

Do you have some sort of cleanup utility that I can use? Deleting the entire folder means that all my bookmarks, workspaces and everything else is lost.

This has happened twice now over the past 3 months.

JKT 2009-02-02 06:59 AM

It is most likely to be a problem with either the History and/or the Cache - delete the three different history files in the folder and try again after moving the rest back. You might also want to delete the cache for OmniWeb (inside ~/Library/Caches iirc). If that doesn't help, discoonect from the Internet and launch OmniWeb, then close any tabs that might be the source of the loading problem.

In the future, if this happens again, hold the shift key as you start up and the will launch OmniWeb in a blank, new Workspace. It'll help you to diagnose if the problem is due to one or more of the tabs you previously had open.

troyb 2009-02-02 07:54 AM

It may have also been a tab saved in your workspace. If this happens again you might try holding the Shift key down while you launch OmniWeb. This will tell OmniWeb to launch up in a new empty workspace so it doesn't try to load all your tabs.

texeter 2009-02-02 10:27 AM

Thank you
JKT & troyb:

Thank you for the advice - I'll try that if I have a problem again. Is it possible to list this tip among the faqs? If I'm having trouble starting up OmniWeb I can't even get to the help files.

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