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men1608 2012-09-27 08:50 AM

Splitting OmniGraffle canvas

I have OmniGraffle Pro, OmniOutliner Pro and OmniFocus for Mac. I created a large outline in OmniOutliner and opened it as a canvas in OmniGraffle. It looks brilliant. It gives me a mind map of my outline without having to convert to OPML.

My issue is this: In OmniOutliner, I can split my big outline into small outline pieces. Now, I would like to split my OmniGraffle canvas into a number of small canvases, for "Presentation Mode".

Is this possible, or do I need to split the original file (which is an outline) into small pieces, then open each piece with OmniGraffle?

Your assistance is appreciated.

john.gersh 2012-09-28 06:12 AM

You can do the same splitting in OG using the Outline sidebar pane. The OG outline pane lets you manipulate the outline structure just as in OO. (Note that there are buttons at the top of the pane to choose an Outline of topics or a flat List of graphic elements. The label of the toolbar button for the pane changes to reflect that selection.)

First, make enough new canvases to hold your outline pieces and size them to suit.

Go to the Outline pane of the original canvas. For convenience, collapse each piece. Select each piece in turn and Cut and Paste it into a new canvas. (Dragging won't do it.)

men1608 2012-10-02 12:42 PM

Tried it, works like a charm! Thanks.

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