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Axial 2008-05-01 06:33 AM

Object selection bug in OGpro 5?
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I have created a simple diagram that consists only of lines and rectangles. nothing else. However, I find it impossible to select and make longer only the black line in the diagram (see attachment - an OG doc zipped in order to be allowed to attach it) - it always affects (and screws up upon resizing) other objects that are center-aligned with it. It is not grouped, all connections are disallowed, and it just should not happen? What is going on?

Joel 2008-05-01 08:08 AM

A good number of the objects in your file have accidentally become line labels for the black line, so when you resize the line, they go along for the ride.

Any shape can become a line label simply by dragging it onto the line, which is how this happens by accident.

You can select a line and set it to not allow shapes to become labels in the Connections Inspector, this will not affect labels already on the line.

Hope that helps,

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