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JRArseneau 2010-08-13 07:07 AM

Inbox items don't appear in Forecast mode?
Hey there,

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour, but I don't see any of my inbox items appear in Forecast mode.

I'll often bring the iPad to meetings, etc and jot down some quick todos (using the big quick entry icon on the left sidebar) in my inbox that I need to get accomplished when I go back to the office. These items however, even if they have a due date of "Today" or anytime in the next 7 days, don't appear in Forecast mode.


DerekM 2010-08-13 10:21 AM


Inbox items are showing up in forecast view in my quick test. Are these actions showing with the red (overdue) or orange (due soon) colored text in the inbox?

curt.clifton 2010-08-13 01:11 PM

There's also an update bug that could be cropping up here. Do the items show up if you exit OF and relaunch it? What if you power down and restart the iPad? (Last I heard, Omni didn't have steps to reproduce the update bug. It seems to be fairly rare.)

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