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philonous 2007-09-03 12:33 PM

Erase bulk email in Yahoo! mail
For some reason, when I confirm that I want to delete all my bulk email in Yahoo! mail, nothing happens, even in today's sp90668. This happens when I press the "empty" link next the "bulk" email folder.

Anyone else experiencing this?


gray49 2007-09-03 12:56 PM

I am using sp90668...
I just deleted bulk mail from my Yahoo mail...I had no problem...
If it matters...I am using the old Yahoo mail...
I hope the problem is easily resolved for you...

philonous 2007-09-03 02:47 PM

Ah, yes, now it works for me, too. It's very bizarre, inconsistent behavior. I'm using old Yahoo mail, too.




jmath 2008-01-15 08:09 AM

Erase Bulk email in Yahoo! Mail
I'm having a similar problem with OW and Yahoo Mail (the new beta version) Yahoo Mail does not let me use the new mail with OW as OW but I can use the beta version identifying as Firefox. All goes well until I try to delete bulk mail. It behaves as if it has deleted it but then a notice comes up of "incorrect version." The next time that Yahoo Mail refreshes the bulk mail is back again.
I have tried various combinations of ad blocking and cookies in the site preferences to no avail. BTW Firefox itself does not have this problem with the new Yahoo Mail

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